Empowering Civilization Rights and Resilience of Heritage Communities.

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What is Civilization Rights Day?

Civilization Rights Day is a global initiative dedicated to honoring, recognizing, and reaffirming the rights of civilization that everyone is entitled to. It is a day that calls for action to create a world where all cultures, societies, and civilizations are respected, valued, and protected.

Celebrated at June-10

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What are Civilization Rights?

Civilization Rights are a set of foundational principles outlined in the Universal Declaration of Civilization Rights, emphasizing the rights inherent to all countries, nations, and communities to protect and claim their civilization heritage's rights from any entity that exploits them for material profit in any form. These rights include material, moral, and intellectual rights, as well as the right to safeguard and promote the heritage and cultural diversity of civilizations worldwide.


Join us on Civilization Rights Day and participate in the movement to honor, protect, and promote the rights of civilizations worldwide. Together, we can create a future where every civilization is respected, valued, and preserved for generations.

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